Cheesy (Television Thoughts: Love Daily S01 E05: Love and Cheese/Gift From My Ex, Hulu)


So yes, another really fine episode on Love Daily, and finally, a gay male storyline (I’ve been waiting) and this one is called ‘Love and Cheese,’ and sure, it’s a little cheesy – ha ha. A guy sees someone at a cheese shop and he realizes they have already had an encounter on Instagram before – they had liked the same art picture and were already communicating until one of them disabled their account. It’s a cute re-meet, and both actors are adorable. Nothing too earth shattering or serious here, but sometimes that’s all you need.

The second story, titled ‘Gift From My Ex’ started out annoying for me, but this again is one of those with a ‘reveal’ in the end, and it’s fine, it will make you think a little bit about what might have beens.

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