The Scottish Country (Movie Thoughts: Wild Rose)

img_1425Jessie Buckley gives a star-making performance in ‘Wild Rose,’ and this is one of those moments when you say to yourself, ‘Wow, this is a star.’ She is funny and vulnerable and heartbreaking, and she can sing.  And Director Tom Harper showcases her vividly: she light up the screen whenever she is on, and frames her with a classic underdog story of a woman from Glasgow who wants to be a country singer, and dreams of going to Nashville. But even though the story is familiar, the screenplay isn’t, as it takes you to some unexpected twists and turns.  I wish I could say that I was mesmerized by the film – it has all the elements of what would make me happy – but I am not really a big fan of country music so I can just only like this. I like it enough but I have already forgotten about it.

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