Losing His Mind (Movie Thoughts: Head Full of Honey)

p16106534_p_v8_aaOne of my company’s clients has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. The situation has gotten so difficult that his partner has now made a decision to put him in a special facility, as the disease has made it impossible for him to continue living at home. This is of course a very sad development as I knew the gentleman from when he was still healthy. I just kept thinking of him while I was watching ‘Head Full Of Honey,’ which is the English language remake done by Til Schweiger from his original film. Nick Nolte is Amadeus, who starts suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Amadeus the character is not given any dignity by the story, and it felt mean-spirited. Of course if we were Amadeus’s family member, we would not have subjected him to what his loved ones did to him here. His son (Matt Dillon) uproots him to England and we get to see Emily Mortimer (as Sarah) treat him so poorly. I got hives just seeing what he had to go through. And then his grand daughter takes him to Venice, and I know we are supposed to suspend disbelief, but where the story goes is just plain ludicrous. All of thi left such a bad taste in my mouth and I couldn’t really enjoy the film.

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