Don’t Sing In The Subway (Movie Review: Stuck)

p16753163_v_v8_abI lived n New York on 9/11 and after that, I always got a little eerie feeling whenever I was in the subway and it would stop between stations.  So of course, someone makes a movie about people getting stuck in a subway car, and surely it should be a musical? That film is ‘Stuck,’ and since it is a musical, I felt compelled to see it. Well, I wish it was a more pleasant experience than getting stuck in the subway, but the film feels just as tortured. Strangers in a car getting to know each other and singing. This was based on an Off-Broadway production and I would think that it probably worked better in the confines of the theater. Director Michael Berry doesn’t do anything to ‘open up’ the material, and the films feels, well, stuck. The music, by Ben Maughan, Riley Thomas Stewart, and Tim Young is your standard ‘modern’ pop rock confection, easily forgettable with only a hook and no depth.  The whole experience is sadly painful.

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