Love For Hire (Television Thoughts: The Hookup Plan S01 E01, Netflix)

16243131_b_v8_abHow about a nice French rom com series? I found one on Netflix, called ‘The Hookup Plan,’ and I thought it was kind of interesting. It’s about Elsa, a thirty year old Parisian who has been pining for her ex. She has two friends, Charlotte and Emilie, and in order for her to snap out of her rut, one of her friends hires a male escort to take her out on a date. She cannot believe it, of course, because, it is too good to be true. I liked a lot of things in the first episode. I like the fact that it is set in modern day Paris, and there are some echoes of ‘Sex and The City’ in there, as it seems like the series will be focusing also on the other two characters. I have only watched the first episode, but it’s a nice easy-breezy watch, and I could see myself perusing through the rest of the episodes quickly!

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