Open Vida (Television Thoughts: Videa, Season 2 Finale)

Vida Season 2 2019

I have to say this – I thought the beginning of the second season of Vida underwhelmed me a bit, but by the end of it, I was still enthralled by the show. I feel like I really know these characters well, and am on their side. I have always championed Lyn,a nd it was nice to see her come into her own by the end – Vida the bar is finally getting some business, and it is all because of Lyn’s efforts. Sure, she is flawed and makes mistakes in her life, but we all have made ours as well. It was good to see Emma and Nico together, but I also liked Emma with Raul Gutierrez’s character – they have sweet chemistry as well. And the gentrification story line is pretty engrossing, too. The neighborhood have always seen Emma as White-tina but Lyn is from the neighborhood, and it was interesting to see the protestors go against them. All in all, this i sa perfect end to the season and I cannot wait for Season 3.

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