The Old Town (Television Thoughts: Schitts Screek S01 E01, Netflix)

s1I know a lot of people thoroughly enjoy ‘Schitt’s Creek’ so I want to go and see what everyone is talking about. I see this is on Netflix but apparently the first season it was on some Canadian network. The episode covers some familiar ground: a rich family gets a visit from the IRS and in ten minutes they have lost all of their physical belongings except for a town the father purchased as a joke in 1991. of course, they get shipped to that town and have to ‘adjust.’ It’s your typical fish out of the water scenario, except this involves the whole family, sort of a reverse ‘Beverly Hillbillies’  The first episode is extremely unfunny, in my opinion – all familiar jokes. But I will keep on watching and see the gold everyone else is seeing in this show.

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