Through Better Days (Television Thoughts: Better Things, S01 E 01)

Better_Things_S1_posterI see the poster of ‘better Things’ all the time because there is a billboard right outside my work building. Although the poster I see is for the current season, I have not seen the show so I looked for Episode 1, which is the pilot. The episode is also titled Sam, which is the name of the main character of the show, played by Pamela Adon (she is a co-creator of the show) I thought for a while there that the character was played by Lorraine Bracco, because they look and sound alike, and have the same energy. Adon is good, and plays a single mom who is taking care of her three children, in various ages. She has a teenager who wants her to buy her and her friends pot, and there is a precious tweener, and a younger daughter. It’s a lot to handle, obviously, and Sam tries to juggle everything with auditioning and in one scene, acting in a role she doesn’t seem to like. It’s all quick to digest, and very relatable, and I like it enough to save it on my Hulu list so I can keep on watching.

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