Hot Sandals (Perfume Thoughts: Tam Dao, Diptyque)

375x500.3956When I was a kid, I used to use this Chinese Sandalwood soap named Maxim, and whenever I did, it always felt so luxurious – it smelled so different than my regular soap that I would savor the soap and use it till the last wax drop. So ever since then, I have always liked the scent of sandalwood, even if I didn’t know what sandalwood was. So of course, I have a couple of sandalwood perfumes. I was opening up my stash of scents from storage and chanced upon Tam Dao, which is the Diptyque contribution to the sandalwood note. I have this old huge bottle from years ago – I got it from the Diptyque Sample Sale and is (i Think) the 8 oz version. It’s massive, and now and again I wonder if it has gotten bad.

I wonder now. The sandalwood is still very potent, and there is that inimitable cedar mix in there, but the one thing I noticed is that it sprayed very warm. I have to see if a ‘fresh’ one will have the same effect on me, but that was my first impression. I need to keep on using this now while it is still serviceable.

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