Tell Me What’s Sweet (Television Thoughts: Sweetbitter Season 2)

sweetbitter-5d50b7c841b8fI have been watching Season 2 of ‘Sweetbitter,’ and I have thoughts. First of all, when this show started, it was set as a ‘companion piece’ to Starz’ other female show, ‘Vida,’ but as I compare both second seasons of the show, I find that I prefer this one. I thought Vida became a bit aimless in uts second season, while Sweetbitter became…weird? Ye,s I would say weird, but in a good way. First of all, the season starts with an episode wherein the whole restaurant staff is brought to a farm and shown how pigs are killed, and of course, they have to sell those pigs to the customers the same night. It will make you kind of wonder what the point of the exercise is. But Tess is still looking for love in the restaurant, although in mostly the wrong place, of course, as she fixates on Jake the bartender. Of course, we always want the ones we can’t have, and when she did have him, she runs over Will, who is enamored by her. This show made me realize how cute Tom Sturridge is – in that dark brooding British way (although he plays an American here)

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