Who’s the Boss? (Movie Thoughts: Blinded By The Light)

large_blinded-by-the-light-movie-review-poster-1As far as movie musicals go, ‘Blinded By the Light’ skew more ‘Mamma Mia’ than ‘My Fair Lady,’ which means the songs (in this case, from Bruce Springsteen’s catalog) are screwed in to fit the story, and doesn’t really propel the story forward. But I knew that going in, so I wasn’t expecting much. This is the second film this year about British Pakistani guys set to songs by rock and roll artist, so maybe that’s why, for me, this film felt familiar.  This film is based on Sarfraz Manzoor’s memoir, and tells his story of discovering Springsteen’s music, amidst cultural conflicts and the chaos of late 80s British politics. In the beginning, it felt a little uninteresting for me, until the film got its groove, and I adjusted how I looked at the film. For me, the film worked better when I looked at it through a lens of a super fan. I could relate better to that, because I have been and still am one.  With that said, I thought Viveik Kalra was wonderful as Javed, and essayed the heart of the story convincingly. And it was surely a treat to hear these Springsteen songs int his context.

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