The Undertones (Music Thoughts: Suzanna Ross Is Bewitched, Suzanna Ross)

amazon6159ThMR3L._SS500_Over the years, I have been fascinated with ‘bad’ singers. And not just your ordinary ‘bad’ singer, but those with the passion and soul for the music, but unfortunately, are just ‘off.’ I remember freinds and I would search high and low for these singers and revel in their music. Well, I have a new ‘discovery’ and her name is Suzanna Ross. She has voice that is just a little bit ‘under the note,’ well a lot of times a lot under. But you know what, you can tell she like singing, and in my book, listening to her is infinitely more interesting than listening to some bland jazzette. Ross has a great sense of rhythm, though, and even her phrasing is pretty good. She just has the pitch problems and in the end, is that really important?

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