Truth Be Told (Movie Thoughts: Can You Keep A Secret?)

large_secret-posterSophie Kinsella’s book of ‘Can You Keep A Secret’ was a charming little gem of a rom com read so I was certain that the movie version will just screw things up. Sadly, I was right. Elise DuRan’s film is devoid of its charm. I can’t believe how sophomoric this film is. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I want a romantic comedy to be, you know, romantic. But why oh why must these comedies have to be so crude nowadays? I am no prude, but I want visions of pink, not puke when I am watching my romances. Poor Alexandra Daddario has to go through hoops just to show how her character, Emma Corrigan, is in love. And Tyler Hoechlin, as Jack Harper is given nothing to do, as he is given a truly blank character here. You know a film is bland when even a Laverne Cox character is as interesting as white bread toast. Int his case, maybe they should have kept this whole project a secret.

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