Baby She Was Born To Run (Movie Thoughts: Brittany Runs A Marathon)

1brHalfway through Paul Downs Collaizo’s ‘Brittany Runs A Marathon,’ I still had mixed feelings about it. I didn’t know if I was ‘enjoying’ myself – I was disliking the main character, Brittany, although I admit to admiring Jillian Bell’s performance. I mean, she is ‘killing it,’ (the crowd was eating up all her antics) but I just personally dislike the ‘self-deprecating fat woman’ kind of humor, from Melissa McCarthy to Rebel Wilson and beyond.  But Collaizo’s screenplay gives Britaany real shadings – this is a three dimensional character who self sabotages and triumphs, and really, by the end, she and the film won me over.  The film is ultimately about a lot of things: how your friendships can define your life, how you can triumph over difficulties if you concentrate and focus, and really this is a journey of self-acceptance.

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