A Kind Of Husk (Music Thoughts: Renditions, Maggie Herron)

rendWho can resist a husky voice? Maggie Herron has one and she uses it well on her new album ‘Renditions,’ which is an album of standards. Apparently all her previous albums have all been original compositions and this time around she sings standards with her Pacific Rim Band. She has that kind of voice that sounds like she just smoked a pack of cigarettes and it is a breath of (un) fresh air. She has jazz chops and I kind of dig it in songs like ‘Aint Misbehavin’ and ‘I’m beginning to see the light.’  When she sings with a gravely texture in her voice, it adds texture to her interpretation, like in ‘Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps,’ which makes the song a less prettier version than, say, Doris Day’s version,

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