After The Wedding (Movie Thoughts: The Wedding Do Over)

TheWeddingDoOver-PosterI thought ‘The Wedding Do Over’ was a Lifetime movie, and surely, there is nothing wrong with Lifetime movies, but apparently it is on the Pixl Channel, which is available through the Amazon prime platform. In any event, I found myself watching this film, and guess what? I truly loved it. I subject myself to seeing so much crap sometimes that I forget that sometimes simple – just a simple feel good movie – will feed the soul sufficiently.  Some people would consider this a cheesefest, but I don’t care, I got caught in the story of Abby and Peter (Nicole Gale Anderson and Parker Young) who were once slated to the altar but something happened and the wedding was cancelled. Now they have to work together on their mutual friends’ wedding (okay, the set up is somewhat of a stretch but we can all get pas that)  and of course in the process, they get to face all wounds and try to mend them. I believed this, and it helps that Anderson and Young have great chemistry. And you go along as they rediscover the feelings they have for each other – of course those feelings never left, It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is all going, but it is a nice feel-good journey. I loved a whole lot of it, and no one can take that away from me.

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