Flowery Jazz (Music Thoughts: Standards and Sweet Things, Fleur Seule)

61+xdR1IS+L._SS500_When I first saw the CD cover for Fleur Seule’s ‘Standards And Sweet Things,’ I thought the lady’s name on the cover was Fleur Seule, which I thought was interesting.  But no, I realized that this was the name of a “1940s Jazz band,” and the songbird who fronts them is called Allyson Briggs.

Briggs is sensational. I put this album on a playlist and whenever a song from this collection played, I stood up and paid attention. There’s something about Brigg’s singing that is very appealing – she has an approachable soprano that feels instantly intimate, and it felt like I was listening to someone I already know. Briggs speak a couple of languages apparently, and perhaps maybe that’s why I loved her version of “La Vie En Rose.’ It sounds curiously modern, but still instilled by the spirit of Piaf. And when she switched into Spanish, especially on ‘Con Los Años Que Me Quedan,’ it felt as heartfelt. Andy Taylor crafted most of the arrangements on this record, and they are great. What I liked most about the album is that it felt very atmospheric – it gave you a sense of how they are live, and I think that is a great example of fine recording. I loved this album a lot, and totally recommend it!

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