Scarborough Affairs (Movie Thoughts: Scarborough)

ScarboroughPostermainbigimg59901I know the teacher-student love affair is sort of a thing, a fetish ff some sort for some people, but in Barnaby Southcombe’s ‘Scarborough,’ it’s the subject of parallel stories between two sets of lovers, and yes, they are of the teacher-student kind. The material is derived from a play by Fiona Evans, and I bet it played better on stage. The framing of the film is a little awkward, and the story opened up just highlighted its pretenses. At times, to me, it even felt icky, especially the Lolita-esque set up between Aiden (Edward Hogg) and Beth (jessica Arden)  These situations should be a lot more nuanced than presented here, but we don’t get a sense of that. I did appreciate the location, which is a North Yorkshire resort town, that seems appealing, though I read that the place has seen better times. Maybe this film will give it more attention.

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