Mother (Television Thoughts: Preemies, Weed and Infidelity, The Conners S02 E 01, ABC)

MV5BNWRhYTc0MDgtZTUyMy00NDMyLWFmNDQtODIzOGZjZTBlYmI2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQ2MDI5NjU@._V1_I don’t even know where I left The Conners last season, but sure, I am interested enough in watching the second season premiere. First of all, I love the poster for the new season – with the patchwork design in the background as well as their clothes, but I fear this is probably photoshopped. The second season opener is focused on motherhood. Becky, who I had forgotten was pregnant, is up to her seventh month, and by the time the episode is over, has the baby. I have to confess I tore up a little bit towards the end when she finally meets her preemie baby. Elsewhere, Darlene finds she is having relationships with two guys, as she finds out that her daughter Harris has been selling weed cookies at school. (As her daughter pints out, such a minor thing nowadays) The whole episode has minor laughs for me, though I appreciated it, mostly because of Laurie Metcalf who holds the whole thing together. I don’t know if it’s interesting enough to make me want to come back to it,though.

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