Smelly Metal (Perfume Thoughts: Metallique, Tom Ford)

tf-metalThere’s  certain metallic note that I loathe – the one in Secretes Magnifique makes me hurl – so I was scared to try Tom Ford Metallique.  but this is Tom Ford, so I know that the scent will be beautiful – his perfumes never cross the line to weird, or quirky. Metallique’s ‘metal’ note comes from a major dosage of aldehydes and upon first spray that is what you get. The notes say you will also get Peruvian bergamot and pink pepper but it’s all packaged in a cold sequined dress, so it reads more glamour and couture. The heart of the perfume is gorgeous, concentrated on a white floral bouquet that pretty (lily of the valley and heliotrope) I can see a woman wearing this on her wedding day and it will fully complement the occasion and proceedings. At the same token, I also think a man can wear this with a tuxedo and it would be just as fitting. At some point, I feel that the perfume is turning sour on me, but it is not ‘turning bad’ sour, but more like a flower blooming under lights. And you know what? I like it. It may be the ambrette (musk mallow) or the non-gourmand vanilla that is doing this.  Metallique is definitely an interesting scent – it’s definitely unlike anything that’s out there in the market, and above all, it smells fantastic. I want a full bottle.

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