Dull Diamonds (Movie Thoughts: Lucy In The Sky)

lucy_in_the_sky‘Lucy In The Sky’ is loosely based on that sorta viral story of Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut who was stalking the man she was having an affair with (plus his other girlfriend) I remember the one detail that people were talking about was that she wore an adult diaper because she was such in a rush to get to where she was running after them. I don’t think that scene is in this film, directed by Noah Hawley, but maybe it should have been. As it is, this film is a dull affair which wastes a great case led by Natalie Portman.

Portman tries her best here giving dimension to a character that’s dead on arrival. She plays Lucy Cola, an astronaut who just finished a successful mission from outer space. ‘We are so small,’ she says as she describes her experience. This should have been a clue as to why her character goes crazy, but we don’t really know why. Lucy embarks on an affair with Mark (Jon Hamm) while her smiling husband (Dan Stevens) looks on. The story stalls until we get to the part when Lucy starts going mental, and I wish it had gone the camp route (at least it would have been fun) but the film still takes itself seriously. Portman is committed, and I don’t think she will ever give a bad performance, but it’s not enough to save this space wreck. And what is up with Hawley changing the aspect ratio of the screen in every other scene? Is that an artistic choice? If so, it’s as much of a fail as everything else.

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