Fighting Scent (Perfume Thoughts: Sumo Wrestler, J Scent)

375x500.45822How does a sumo wrestler smell?

A lot of them probably smell like the hair oil ‘bintsuke,’ which is the product they use to slick their hair. This is a mostly eucalyptus scent that turns very powdery. I know exactly how this smells. When I was a kid, my mom would take me to these Japanese stores and they all had that unmistakable smell. It reminds me of heliotrope, with maybe some violets in it? It is a little reminiscent of a waxy barber shop smell.

J-Scent has captured that in ‘Sumo Wrestler.’  The scent starts with said eucalyptus, and I detect some star anise, which, for me anyway, makes it smell very ‘Asian.’ This smells very ‘natural’ in that sense. I see on the notes that there are florals but I don’t really get them on my skin (I was waiting for the orange blossoms to bloom)  On me, it smells very waxy, and that’s probably the labdanum in there. It smells very specific to me, and very linear. And the drydown is pure powder. It reminds me a little bit of Penhaligon’s ‘Sartorial,’ although that one smells a little more ‘upscale.’ Do I like this? I do, but I probably have to be in a certain mood to want to wear this.

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