Standards in Red (Music Thoughts, Night At The Movies, Svetlana)

svetlana-cover-2019-hi-rezSvetlana, growing up in Moscow, learned a lot of her English by watching movies, so film music has always been close to her heart. So it comes as no surprise that she has recorded an album of songs from the cinema, titled ‘Night At The Movies.’ Svetlana has a cool unaffected voice, and it’s very nice and pleasant to listen to. And she sings with an accent, which I have said numerous times I like a lot, since it gives the interpretation a more personal touch. Her song selections have range, from Charlie Chaplin to Siney’s Coco. I even like a lot of the arrangements, which skew non-familiar. For example, she intersperses a little bit of ‘City of Stars’ to ‘Watch What Happens.’ Technically, it’s great, though I am a bit unsure if they match content-wise.

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