At Home At The End Of The World (Film Thoughts: The Lighthouse)

lhIn the middle of watching ‘The Lighthouse,’ I felt like I was going mad. I felt claustrophobic, and I felt like I was stuck somewhere I did not want to be. I was seeing the film in a crowded AMC Multiplex, not an art house theater, and I cannot imagine what everyone else is thinking. One thing is for sure, though – I thought Robert Pattinson is giving one of his usual great performances. On one hand, I wish he didn’t do the Twilight movies because it gives him such a bad rap – I mean he is certainly much much better than those films. But then, those Twilight films are also responsible for something like ‘The Lighthouse’ financed – I wonder if this film would exist if Pattinson wasn’t attached to it. (My afternoon screening was packed) But back to the film, it  certainly felt very experimental, and at times self-indulgent – the glossy black and white film in a weird aspect ration, the sound and music choices that enhanced the viewing experience. But it is one of those weird things that in the end, everything made sense. It’s really not my kind of movie, one of those unpleasant watching experiences that try your patience, but it has a payoff, and I can’t truly explain it, but I ended up admiring everything I saw after I have seen it all. There is a lot of rave over Willem Dafoe as Thomas Wake, but at times I felt it was too showy and over the top. Director Robert Eggers succeeds in making you feel like you are stuck at the end of the earth with these two characters, and most times you will feel like you are part of a bad dream. Even if, like me, that is not your kind of thing, you can’t help but kind of enjoy the ride.

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