Secrets and Sighs (Movie Thoughts: Official Secrets)

Poster-Official-SecretsBefore we got into this mess under Trump, we sometimes forget that Bush 2’s administration was also bad. While I will say that it wasn’t as catastrophic as what we currently are enduring, it was still pretty bad. I mean, we went to a fake war during that time. You will see that while watching ‘Official Secrets.’ This film is pretty good, and the subject mater is as timely as today. Basically, the film tells the story of Katharine Gun, who works with the British intelligence Agency. One day, she receives a memo from the NSA, asking for their agency’s help in collecting information on United Nations Security Council members to be used to pressure them into voting for the Iraq war. She leaks this information and bears the consequences of it. Keira Knightley plays Gunn and she is magnificent here – subtle and empathetic. I keep on forgetting that she is a great subtle actress and she is on top of her game here. I confess to not really knowing anything about this case so I felt the urgency and suspense in the story – Gavin Hood’s pacing is fantastic and this film is as thrilling as any action movie out there. And the ending is satisfying and infuriating at the same time, once you realize the cover up that they did to protect their misdoing. I highly recommend this film.

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