Just Like (Music Thoughts: Like They Do In The Movies, Michael Longoria)

51uwOERp1ML._SY355_Michael Longoria is known for his stint in ‘Jersey Boys’ and he is also a part of the group ‘The Midtown Men,’ which is an offshoot of old Jersey Boys castmates. But, he has solo projects and I just listened to his new release, ‘Like They Do In The Movies,’ which is actually his third solo album.  Just like what the title suggests, this is a collection of songs from movies. While some may describe his choices as ‘eclectic,’ I would call them… well, cliched. I cannot think of a more common selection of songs – these songs are so popular and well-known that if you plan on singing them, you better do something with them so they don’t sound like copycat versions of the originals. Sadly, he went that route. They all have the familiar arrangement of the original versions, so you kind of ask why and what’s the point. Longoria has an off-voice, slightly nasal, slightly sour, and he employs these mannerisms that evoke Cher that often times he sounds like some impersonator. I mean, he doesn’t sound out of tune or anything, just so…ordinary. And to me, that is the worst thing.

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