The Beautiful Design Is Empty (Movie Thoughts: Very Ralph)

427e9d09-4e05-4848-b80d-1a057ab75a18The Ralph Lauren design aesthetic is beautiful, in the cleanest and most “American” sense – rugged Western, sailing, polo. It’s not really my aesthetic per se, but I get it. Director Susan Lacy’s documentary of his, stylistically, skews close to the designer’s aesthetic. It’s also as boring as his designs. I guess when looking for documentaries, and especially designer documentaries, I look for a little more drama. I thoroughly enjoyed past designer documentaries like Halston’s, and Alexander McQueen’s because their stories are as interesting as their design. Ralph Lifshitz’s story (before he was Ralph Lauren) is your basic rags-to-riches tome that isn’t even as interesting as other stories of the genre. This feels sanitized,a s if looking at his designs at his showrooms, with every detail in place, not a fringe out of order. They didn’t even include his big cancer scare that was all over the papers in the 80s. I honestly got nothing out of watching this film.

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