The Rose Knows (Perfume Thoughts: Rose and Magnolia, Jo Malone)

375x500.57381I have been meaning to try the new Holiday release from Joe Malone: ‘Rose & Magnolia.’ I have always been a rose scent lover so the idea of pairing it with magnolia is making my mouth (and nose) water. So of course, I dragged my feet sampling it until when I did, at the Jo Malone store, I found out that they have already sold out of it. ‘But it has only been two weeks,” I said to the Sales Associate, as I stare at the still-crisp cardboard replica of the bottle on the window. ‘It just went by so quickly,,’ he said, adding ‘I don’t know if we will get it back…we may.’

And then I hyperventilated. I wanted it before, and because of this, I want it now. I rushed to Nordstrom next door, and was glad to see that at the very least, they had a tester. And yes, they still had two bottles in stock. So I spritzed, and waited for magic to happen.

And then it didn’t. The opening is very peppery. And I was looking for the rose, but on my skin, I get a dose of magnolia. But this magnolia did not smell good at all – it felt very synthetic – airy and flat. That note stayed int he heart of the scent, and I was waiting for the rose to finally appear, and when it did, about twenty minutes in, I have to say that it was nice – creamy and petal-y – but I had lost interest in the scent by then. I do have to say that the drydown of that rose is sweet, and the longevity was great for a Jo Malone. But all in all, it was a little on the ordinary side. Trust me, I tried hard in my head to justify buying it, and older version of me would have grabbed it right away. But getting this felt hollow to me and when my friend said ‘You don’t need it,’ after sniffing my wrist, I just had to concede and agree.


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