Shake the Symphony (Series Thoughts: Mozart in the Jungle S01 E01-04)


There are shows that have been languishing forever on my to-watch list, and one of them is Amazon Prime’s ‘Mozart In the Jungle.’ I wish I could tell you why I have not seen it, but I don’t have a good reason. But, I started watching it and by God, why did I wait? This show is amazing – it’s sexy, it screams ‘cultured,’ and above all, it is so easy to watch, as each episode is roughly just thirty minutes.  And four episodes in on the first season, I am in love with it.

It stars Gael Garcia Bernal as Rodrigo, a young conductor who takes over the New York Symphony, and he is one of those hotshot conductors, more rock and roll and Ravel. But, he knows exactly what he is doing snd he is shaking up the symphony. The show is also about Hailey, from the boondocks, but determined to be an oboe player on the symphony. Right now, she has had a rough start, messing up her first rehearsal, but not out yet – she is working for Rodrigo, well, we know she will figure more in forthcoming episodes. It’s well cast by attractive young things, and also has the great Bernadette Peters as Gloria, the head of the foundation – anything she is in is worth watching just for her presence alone. And I’ll be here…

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