Jungle (Television Thoughts: Animal Kingdom, TNT)

File this under shows I have been meaning to watch – TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ I know next to nothing about this, except that it stars Ellen Barkin. But it is there on Amazon Prime, and I guess why not, no better way to start than now. The series started in 2016, and is based on a 2010 Australian film. It is about a family of gangsters, and is centered around J, played by Finn Cole, whose mother just passed away from a drug overdose. He gets adopted by his grandmother, played by Barkin, and gets involved in the family business, which from the looks of it is grand theft.

I don’t know if this is normally my kind of series, but the pace is great, and before I knew it, I realize I was getting into the series. It has a lot of testosterone, for sure, but there’s eye candy too, headed by Scott Speedman, who I know from Felicity.

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