Canadian Rock Holiday (Music Thoughts: Christmas EP, Bryan Adams)

Bryan-Adams-Christmas-EP-album-cover-820I love Christmas albums that do not sound like every other one out there. Bryan Adams has released a Christmas EP this year, titled ‘Christmas,’ and the best thing about it is that it sounds just like a Bryan Adams album. He penned a new song, titled ‘Joe and Mary,’ and it’s a great pop-rock song that I couldn’t get out of my ears after listening to it. The other new track here is ‘Must Be Santa,’ which I know from the Bob Dylan version from a couple of years ago.  The rest of the EP has all previously released Holiday songs from Adams, and all in all, the recording has a very cohesive feel, and I have to say that even if I am not normally a ‘rock’ person I appreciated this.  Your mileage may vary.

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