Somewhat Fab (Music Thoughts: A Fabulous Christmas, John Barrowman)

JohnBarrowman_FabulouChristmasThere’s nothing really extraordinary about John Barrowman’s ‘A Fabulous Christmas’ but it’s a pretty solid and well-sung Christmas album and sometimes that’s a;; you need. I wish there was something truly ‘fabulous’ about it, but the arrangements are expertly done, if a bit familiar. Barrowman’s has a good theater voice, and he injects his singing with enough character and authenticity that you will be able to enjoy the songs as you listen to them. My Holiday album renditions admittedly skew towards female versions, but maybe knowing that Barrowman is openly gay made me relate to his versions more? I wish I was in the UK to see his concert tour to promote this album as that would probably be a great show.

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