Flying High (Movie Thoughts: The Aeronauts)

fid19542Eddie Redmayne is one of my favorite young actors, and he is great in ‘The Aeronauts.’  He plays James Glaisher, a meteorologist who goes on a hot air baloon ride, and breaking records as the first to fly the highest recorded altitude in history. In real life, he rode with Henry Coxwell, but int hsi film, the partner has been replaced by Amelia Rennes, played by Felicity Jones. They play kind of ying and yang characters – he is by the book – a scientist – while she is one of those free souls, who uses her instincts and her experience more than numbers and figures. It’s sort of cute, and the scenes where they encounter danger are well done – the CGI here is fantastic, and the cinematography is well done so much so there were times I felt queasy. But I thought the choppy editing diminished the drama – you already knew much of the outcome. Jones is good, but I felt like she has been playing this same type of role for a while – she had the same acting style in her RBG film last year. I wished I like the movie more, but for me, the only exciting thing was Redmayne’s performance.

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