New York Christmas Mood (Music Thoughts: Christmas Eve, Kevin Dozier)

HolidayCover-e1575127592709Kevin Dozier is very active in the cabaret community in New York City and I knew when I saw that his Holiday album, ‘Christmas Eve;’ will be thoughtfully sung. Coupled with Alex Rybeck’s arrangements, Dozier’s vocals soar without making the songs sound overdone, and he gives them just the right amount of warmth and theatricality. I always say that ‘O Holy Night’ is always a good barometer of what kind of singer one is when they sing it. In here, he is able to put the songs cross without histrionics – there’s no hard sell her,  just honesty. And My favorite track is a medlette of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ with Sondheim’s ‘Goodbye For Now’ (from Rags) The counterpoint is fitting, and touching, and makes the former sound like a brand new song. Rybeck himself composed the title track and it’s a nice sweet ballad from a child’s point of view. The rest of the album is good, but those three tracks stood out best for me. If you want an album that has a Manhattan Cabaret sound, then this one’s for you .

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