Let It Thaw (Movie Thoughts: Frozen 2)

large_frozen-2-posterEven though I am not a cartoon fan (or a Disney fan for that matter) I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Frozen’ because it had all the traits of a good musical.  But I am very very wary of sequels, because I have this notion that most of them just try to just take advantage of the locked-in audience. So I begrudgingly watch ‘Frozen 2,’ and lo and behold, I really disliked it. But I am mostly looking at this film from the point of view of it being a musical.

First of all, the Lopezes have assembled a group of songs that are a lot less interesting. The songs  here now feel pre-meditated. Since ‘Let It go’ was such a big hit,  why don’t we give Elsa not one but two generic-sounding power ballads? Gone are the character pieces from the first film – no ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ which emulated a feeling.

Sure, the animation is still first rate, and the colors are still vibrant. Still, much of this did not really hold my interest much, and yes, that is a fault of mine.

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