Heavy Heavy (Perfume Thoughts: Vetiver and Golden Vanilla, Jo Malone)

375x500.58393I tend to really like the Intense Colognes of Jo Malone so I tied the new release from that line, ‘Vetiver and Golden Vanilla.’  My initial spritz showed promise – it was a cold blast of very dry and inky vetiver and it was heady. I thought it would be a great winter scent, and that gave me pause because I really don’t need any more winter scents.  As the scent wore on, I actually found it too heavy – the vanilla started to give me a headache. There’s a little bit of cardamom here, but it dragged the scent even heavier, and I just wish something rounded the perfume to a lighter place. This became too much after a certain point, and now all I could do is want to scrub it off.

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