You Found Love At A Hopeless Place (Television Thoughts: A Fresh Start, You S02 E01, Netflix)

screen_realm_77103724_548043389151671_3045263192257241630_n-696x870‘You,’ is back, and it’s now on Netflix. Or I guess the first season was also on Netflix, where it garnered such a huge following. In the beginning of the first episode of the second season, we see that Joe has moved to Los Angeles, and we wonder why when you know he is probably one of those New Yorkers who loathe LA, and everything it stands for. We realize that of course, he moved there because it is the last place where one expects him to be. Sure enough, he is hiding. From Candace, the one he loves, or the one he loved too much and now is out to torture him by letting him know she is alive, even though he attempted to kill her. So he is disavowing love now – it only brings him trouble, we listen to him in his internal monologue. Of course, we knew he would never , could never resist love – he lives and kills for it (like, literally) and he cute-meets a girl at the supermarket, and her name is Love (like, literally)  And then as the episode ends we find out that nothing in his new life is accidental, that is all pre-planned as only Joe can, and there are no secrets here, and everything is a secret.

Again I am hooked. I was hooked watching the first season and it looks like I will be hooked again watching every episode of the second season. And the good thing? I can binge watch it, and I can’t wait to do it.

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