Mercy Mercy Me (Movie Thoughts: Just Mercy)

just-mercy-movie-review-main-imageDestin Daniel Cretton’s “Just mercy’ is about the real-life story of Bryan Stevenson, a Harvard graduate who is the founder of Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that helps death row inmates whoa re wrongly accused of their crimes. Did you know that one of nine inmates in death row is innocent? That statistic, of course, is still one too many out of nine. Stevenson, after graduating, moves to Monroeville, Alabama to help (mostly black) inmates. The movie is earnest, of course, but it is thinly written. Michael B Jordan is handsome and charismatic as Stevenson, but is so blankly written as a character you can’t feel much for him. Sure, you appreciate his being a goody two shoes, but you hardly know anything else about him. And Jamie Fox, playing Walter Johnny D McMillan employs techniques from the school of overacting that cringed whenever he is on screen (I am guessing subtlety is not a forte of Fox’s) The film, at an overly long 135 minutes, says too much without seemingly saying nothing. I am giving it some mercy but not totally ignoring it.

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