Is It A Crime? (Perfume Thoughts: Love and Crime, Ex Idolo)

375x500.52069Ex Idolo’s ‘Love and Crime’ has the most dramatic inspiration. In 1905 a woman named May Coyle helped her boyfriend escape prison by  baking a cake. How did a cake help him escape ? Well, she just happened to have baked a chainsaw inside the cake. This perfume, of course, smells cake-ish. I was a little scared to try it. I am not the biggest fans of gourmand scents. If I have to be honest, I try to avoid them because some of the real sweet ones give me a headache. And maybe it’s psychological. I am struggling to control my blood sugar and maybe in my mind wearing sweet scents do not help that.

Upon spritz, I realize my fear is realized – this smells very sweet on me. The vanilla floats above, and it is sugary sweet. The florals that are supposed to show up do not arrive. There is supposed to be rose and some kind of white floral here but they stay very much in the background. The base note has some kind of ‘sponge cake’ and that, along with some coco resonate in the end. I have to say, though, that this is much quieter in the end, and it is kind of pleasant, but on my skin, it’s just a whole lot of sweetness. It’s not for me, though I did get a couple of compliments from people. Isn’t that a crime?

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