Cosmetic Comedy (Movie Thoughts: Like A Boss)

likI didn’t want to see ‘Like A Boss.’ I saw the trailer a couple of times and I could tell it’s juvenile and probably really unfunny.  As a matter of fact, I reserved twice on A-List and cancelled, because I just couldn’t. But the other night, I just said sure why not. It was a little bit of a tiring day and I wanted to see something ‘light,’ and there really were not many choices out there.

So make me mistake, it’s bad. It baffles me how you can put it all these talents together and not have a great movie. And it’s such an awesome collection of talent – Tiffany Haddish , Rose Byrne, Jennifer Coolidge, Salma Hayek. They all work triple time, and to be honest, not all the jokes land, but I was surprised to find that a lot of them did. I have to confess there were some that made me chuckle, and I am usually so jaded with these things. All the actors are great, but I was very impressed with Hayek playing a conniving CEO out to take control of Haddish’s and Byrne’s cosmetic company (Okay, so the lot has some huge holes, but it’s all forgivable)  I also appreciated that the film is a relatively scant 183 minutes, so it’s easy breezy.  All in all, the film is not a total waste of time and energy, but you be the judge.

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