Home Is Where You Find It (Movie Thoughts: Elsewhere)

Elsewhere_Comp25There’s something genuine about Hernan Jimenez’s ‘Elsewhere’ that made me like it, but, to be honest, I did not believe anything in it. Aden Young stars as Bruno, a man who gets evicted by his wife;s parents after she dies. He is so attached to the house he cannot let go and puts himself in a situation with the new tenant of the house (Parker Posey) after she moves in. This is billed as a dramedy but it is more sad with some parts perhaps unintentionally so – I understand his affinity for the house, but his obsession of it bordered on stalker-like. The cast is across the board great, and Jackie Weaver, playing Bruno’s mother, steals scenes.  I was also surprised to really like Posey here, as she has irritated me in the past. Still, it’s over all just ‘meh’ for me – some of the situations felt very contrived, even as the actors try hard to sell them. On any other time, I would have ignored this film, but there have been slim pickings lately,

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