Capital Rose (Perfume Thoughts: Eau Capitale, Diptyque)

375x500.58391They honestly do not make chypres anymore. But once in a while, one comes through. Diptyuqe just launched its new scent “Eau Capitale,’ and it is a certified chypre.  Oakmoss – the cornerstone of most chypres – have essentially been banned and  they have to make do with alternatives that are available. But make no mistake, one spritz of this perfume and it will suddenly feel familiar. “It smells so 80s,’ I told myself. There is a big splash of bergamot in the beginning,  with some pepper, and of course, the rose. This is a big big bouquet of roses, and it is glorious. It settles huge, and it makes itself known instantly. Ang then as it starts to dry down, it smells like an unmistakable chypre – the combination of woods make it smell velvety – decadent. The opening burst smells very modern, then it goes very ‘old-fashioned’ quite quickly. ‘You smell like a mommy,’ my friend says to me.  Your appreciation of this may vary – for me, it smells instantly classical, like a more modern Diva by Ungaro, or a more complicated ‘Marni.’ A lot of people have compared this to Malle’s ‘Portrait Of A Lady,’ but ‘Eau Capital’ feels so much more down-to-earth. I am instantly in love with this and for sure I will add this to my wardrobe.

P.S. – Diptyque’s new sample packaging can be commended for its anti-plastic stand, but it is hard to use. I tried so hard to squeeze something out of its paper and foil structure but eventually got more frustrated.  Surely there is  a better way?


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