Poor Little Rich Boy (Webseries Thoughts: Justin Bieber: Seasons)

justin-bieber-seasonsWhy is Justin Bieber doing a reality show? I just saw the first episode of his YouTube Originals series, and while it is only ten or so minutes, I kept asking myself why I was watching it. Yeah, I know he is coming out with a new album, so that is probably the reason why people are being subjected to this, but I still don’t see any other point. In the series, he talks about his struggles. The episode is titled ‘Leaving The Spotlight,’ and the poor kid talks about how he cannot handle his fame – although those sold out stadium concerts and millions of adoring fans are just getting to him.  As much as I want to feel sorry for him, I know that he has enough money in the world to get all the proper help he needs, so honestly feel like it’s an imposition tot he public to unleash it on them (as if it’s their fault) I’m sorry, but I just cannot get on board with the ‘suffering’ he is enduring. If you want to see a documentary about suffering, I suggest you watch ‘For Sama.’

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