Children Will Listen (Movie Thoughts: The Windermere Children)

12MV5BMWE1OWRiMmYtMTU4Mi00NDA1LW‘The Windermere Children’ is a fascinating story, and one I did not know about. Directed by Michael Samuels for the BBC, it is a film about Holocaust children who got transported to England after the war. They are sent to the Windermere Estates to be ‘revitalized’ before they head back to society. It is an interesting story about their process of re acclimation and how the teachers and adults made clumsy efforts in dealing with the children. As you can imagine, these children have gone through a lot, and the film dealt with the different way each child dealt with their situations. There are some great performances here, especially with the children, and it was touching to see at the end what became of them as they tried to escape the trauma they went through. At times the feel did not go deep enough with some of these stories, but all in all a great effort in presenting a narrative that may not be known to many. I recommend!


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