Jersey Muslin (Television Thoughts: Ramy)

12p16580502_b_v8_aaJust like most people, I have never heard of ‘Ramy’ until its star, Ramy Youssef won Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the recent Golden Globes. (he even makes a joek about it when he accepted his award)  But I found it on Hulu, and the premise seems interesting – a young man who is a Muslim in today’s America, torn between cultures and religion. I watched the first two episodes and they were a breeze – funny and kind of sad at the same time.

There are interesting aspects to the story. Ramy the character is torn. he is seeing Chloe, a Jewish girl, but has been lying to her about the extent of how religious he is – he pretends to be drinking, but really isn’t. They have premarital sex but you can see the guilt in Ramy’s face. When his friends implore him to get a Muslim girl, he asks his parents to find him a girl – their first date is hilarious and ends in a most unexpected. way. There’s a lot of things to take away from the series, and just when you think the set p is ideal – he works at a start up with his best friend, a paraplegic – we see that start up closing by the second episode and he starts working for his uncle selling diamonds at the Diamond District. One last interesting thing for me – the series is set in Jersey City, where I kind of grew up.

Color me interested – this show takes a lot of unexpected turns that keep me guessing. I am in.

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