Capsule Collection #2 (Movie Thoughts: Standing Up For Sunny/The David Dance/After Words)

Some capsule thoughts:

1stsMV5Is Cerebral Palsy funny? I guess it sis when the character who has it also is a stand up comic.  RJ Mitte is Travis, and he is cute and adorable, which makes this filma little easier to swallow. It’s a little on the weird side. Travis has a blind Samoan roommate and his love interest is bulimic so there’s a lot to process here. But in its heart is a sweet love story, and I had reservations, for sure, while I was watching this, but I eventually got on board. There are stranger things to watch that are not as appealing.



4eda82d6d31401a5b6bf5dec26b0559fApril Winney’s ‘The David Dance’ just seems so dated.  Everything about it seems to be from another time, and it’s so slow and tedious that I was instantly cored by it. This is based on Don Scime;s stage play and it probably played better on stage because the film just feels so flat and lifeless.  I understand even admire the core of the piece, and while these issues are still relevant today, the manner they are presented here is so yesterday.  And I am sorry, Scime’s acting doesn’t translate well here. This is a big miss.



After-WordsI lapped the idea of ‘After Words.’ A librarian  who has led a quiet life finds herself at a crossroads, then goes to Costa Rica with a plan to off herself. She has decided she has led a fruitful life and wants to end it on her terms. Starring Marcia Gay Harden, the film feels so familiar – you have seen all of this before, and then some. So it is up to the actors to make you believe. But harden cannot rise above the cliches and rote situations the director has put herself in. There are wonderful shots of the Costa Rican countryside that can make this film worthwhile, but barely.

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