The Music In She (Television Thoughts: Zoey’s Extraordinary Best Friend, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S01 E 02)



I did return – I went and watched the second episode of Zoey’s Infinite Playlist. I think I was intrigues enough by the show that it lured me back. And yes, I liked this second episode a little bit more. First of all, we get to know Zoey a little more, and it kind of all makes sense. She works as a manager of an engineering department of a start up, a d her controlling personality matches that role. She is a little bit socially awkward, and it manifests in both her professional and personal life. She tries hard doing the right thing with her employees, and they don’t always work. I find her relationship with Max interesting – she hears his thoughts through song (he sang ‘I Think I Love You’ last time) and she doesn’t really know what to do with it. When he asks her to go to dinner, she refuses and tries to set him up with their barista. But you know that the two of them will probably end up together. I hope the show doesn’t screw up this wonderful situation they are in right now.

On the home front, I take back my reservations about Peter Gallagher taking this role. It looks like they are giving him a bit more to so, and here he is trying to say something, and he gets a song: Van Morrison’s ‘Moondance.’ It’s not such a thankless role after all, and I wonder if the character’s medical condition will get better.

But I think they are underusing Alex Newley. I hope he gets a big number soon.


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