Israel, Greece and Germany (Movie Thoughts: Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life/Orpheus Song)

jasmlTomer Heyman has fashioned a ‘rise and fall’ documentary titled ‘Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life,’ about the gay porn star of the same name (his real name is Elkana Yonatan Langer) I wish I could say that Agassi’s story is quite unique, but I know that this story is a little too common for for gay adult performers. Agassi rose to fame via Michael Lucas’ production company and at one point was the most popular star of the genre, even winning Best Actor at Huslaball awards. The documentary is pretty straightforward and the bet part of it for me is his close relationship with his mother. his low point was a little hard to watch, but it was nice to know that he for the most part recovered from it. As a documentary, it really did not offer much of anything new for me.

orpheussongI didn’t know what to make of the beginning part of ‘Orpheus Song,’ but I kept on watching. Basically two masc guys working out together at the gym. Then they go to Greece for a vacation, then they have an encounter with a Greek God (I Think the story went there) and then they start to fall in love. Or did they? I loved the last part of teh film when both are faced to confront their feelings, and what do you know, this has a feel-good ending that will make you shout for joy.

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