All About The Boss (Television Thoughts” Zoey’s Extraordinary Boss, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S01 E03)


I am really now getting into the groove of this show.  I think we are now getting to see how well the cast has gelled with each other – you can now sense the great chemistry between them, and this is the kind of thing that cannot be faked. I am glad that some other characters are given a chance to shine. The third episode, ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Boss’ is all about Joan, played by Lauren Graham. And the episode starts with her singing the Rolling Stones song ‘Satisfaction.’ At first Zoey couldn’t quite figure out why, but she realizes it has something to do with Joan’s personal life: i.e. her unhappy marriage to Charles, played by Justin Kirk. Charles s egotistical and thinks he is Christ’s second coming, and of course the perfect song choice for his entrance is the title track from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’ (yay for showtunes)

Mary Steenburgen is also given a chance to shine here. Most times when we take care of people, we neglect to take care of ourselves – I am only too familiar with that scenario. I love her tender rendition of ‘How Do You Mend A broken Heart,’ and love how this particular story line was settled.

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