Maybe It’s Me (Film Thoughts: Emma)

300x445It’s the weirdest thing. Autumn de Wilde’s ‘Emma’ check all the boxes in something I would love in a film. Jane Austen – check, romanticism – check, period piece – check. But about half an hour into it, I still was a little disengaged by the film. Sure, there are great performances, especially by Anya Taylor Johnson (int he title role) and Bill Nighy (playing Emma’s father) Plus there’s Josh O Connor, my newest crush, playing Mr. Elton, but nothing is landing for me in the film. Maybe I was exhausted from work and that is affecting my view of the film? Admittedly, the second half of the film perked up for me, but by then the moment has already been lost. One of these days i will see this film again and maybe it will be a better watch for me.

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